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Chemical Resistant Caulking and Joint Sealants

CF-621 Chem Flex Flexible Epoxy Joint Filler

Chem-Flex CF-621 is a two component 100% Solids Flexible Epoxy Joint Filler designed to fill and protect saw cut/control joints in on-grade concrete slabs and to repair existing damaged control joints and cracks. CF-621 has excellent heavy load traffic bearing properties and bond strength. CF-621 has outstanding recovery when the joint material has been stretched.

Clean Up
Clean Up immediately with SA-17 Clean Up Thinner, or S-74 Reducer. These clean up solvents are flammable. Keep away from all sources of ignition.

Shelf Life
The shelf life of CF-621 is in excess of 12 months when stored at 50 ºF-90 ºF or below.

DuroCaulk Epoxy/Urethane Caulk

DUROCAULK is an elastomeric epoxy urethane system, which is designed to be used with epoxy systems as a flexible repair and caulking compound. It is used primarily to fill expansion joints and cover joints. It can be overcoated with other DUROMAR linings or maintenance products to enhance physical or chemical properties, if required.

JOINTFILL 302 Flexible Control Joint Filler

Basic Use: Jointfill 302 is a two-component epoxy joint filler designed to be used in control and construction joints in concrete industrial floors. Jointfill 302 is a low modulus, flexible joint filler used in saw cut floor joints to provide support and load-bearing capacity at the joint edges. Jointfill 302 is used in floor control joints where slight movement is possible due to thermal variations. It is available in two consistencies, self-leveling and gel, for horizontal and vertical applications.

Typical Applications: Control and construction joints in industrial concrete floors; repair compound to seal and fill random cracking in floors; joints in penitentiaries where a tamper-proof and gouge-resistant sealant is required.

Limitations: Do not use outside or as an expansion/ contraction sealant. New concrete slabs must be at least 3 months old before installing Jointfill 302, according to ACI 302.

Composition: Jointfill 302 is a two-component, moisture insensitive, 100% solids epoxy joint filler and sealant.

Applicable Standards: ACI 302, Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction, Section 4.10, Joint Materials.

VULCANOX II Two-Part, Elastomeric Urethane Joint Sealant

Basic Use: Vulcanox II is a two part, catalyzed, elastomeric, urethane joint sealant used to seal and caulk both moving and non-moving joints and cracks. Vulcanox II is used in both interior and exterior applications when a rapid cure sealant is required. Vulcanox II is used as a concrete joint filler for expansion joints or control joints. It can also be used to seal around windows and door frames and to seal joints in masonry and flashing. It may be applied to wood, concrete, masonry, metal, stone and firmly bonded painted surfaces.

Typical Applications: Parking garage joints, joints in precast concrete, tilt-up construction joints, poured concrete expansion and control joints, reflecting ponds, swimming pools. Also, construction joints for control, expansion, isolation joints in floors and pavements, and perimeter caulking around windows and door frames.

Composition: Vulcanox II is a two-part, high-performance catalyzed polyurethane sealant. It is available in pourable and gun grade consistencies.

Applicable Standards:

  • ASTM C 920, Type M, Grade NS & P, Class 25.
  • Federal Specification No. TT-S-00227E, Type I & II, Class A.

Fluorodyn™ Caulk made with Viton®

THERMODYN™ CORPORATION introduces the ideal solution for splicing fluroelastomer parts and for use as a coating to prevent corrosion in virtually all environments. This revolutionary caulk, based on Viton® fluoroelastomer and produced in conjunction with DuPont Dow® Elastomers, provides excellent sealing for flanges or lining in pipe.Fluorodyn™ Caulk made with Viton® is compounded with 75% solids making it an easy to apply, single component caulk. This advanced compound system provides excellent corrosion resistance in the uncured state, as well as increased resistance after curing, to virtually all chemicals, including nitric, sulfuric and hydrochloric acids. Fluorodyn™ Caulk made with Viton® is recommended for use in harsh, corrosive environments that require flexibility, leak-proof sealing, and high resistance to permeation.

Fluorodyn™ Caulk is available only from Thermodyn in the following sizes: 2.5 oz. (71 ml) tube, pint (320 ml), quart (850 ml) caulking tubes with resealable applicator, gallon (3.8 L), 5 gallon (19 L), and economical 55 gallon (208 L) drum.

#780 Key Joint Filler

KEY RESIN #780 is a 100% solids flexible epoxy joint filler used to protect saw-cut joints in concrete slabs on grade or repair existing damaged joints. KEY RESIN #780 absorbs the impact and shock of heavy loads and steel wheeled traffic, preventing erosion of control joint edges.

#783 Key Novolac Joint Filler

KEY RESIN #783 is a 100% solids flexible novolac-epoxy joint filler used to provide chemical resistant protection for saw-cut joints in concrete slabs or in the repair of existing damaged joints. KEY RESIN #783 absorbs the impact and shock of heavy loads and steel wheeled traffic, preventing erosion of control joint edges.