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Industrial and Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings

Prime-Crete PC-149 Clear Epoxy Penetrating Primer-Sealer

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A low viscosity, two component polyamide modified epoxy primer/sealer formulated with unique wetting agents to provide maximum penetration into concrete surfaces. PC-149 seals concrete surfaces from penetration of water and chemicals which cause concrete deterioration and spalling. Ideal for both new and old concrete surfaces for exterior or interior exposures. PC-149 is also used as a primer for epoxy and polyurethane top coats.

Prime-Crete PC-155 Clear Epoxy Damp Concrete Primer

PC-155 is a moisture tolerant two component modified Polyamine Adduct Cured Clear Epoxy designed as a concrete primer to be used under our epoxy grouts, mortars, toppings, high performance coatings and lining systems. The low viscosity provides deep penetration into the concrete for excellent surface adhesion.

Prime-Crete PC-1702 Clear 100% Solids Epoxy Concrete Primer

Prime-Crete PC-1702 is a low viscosity, 100% Solids, solvent free two component cycloaliphatic amine cured Epoxy Primer. The PC-1702 is designed for use under epoxy grouts, mortars, toppings, high performance coatings and lining systems. The PC-1702 has been formulated to provide deep penetration into the concrete surface without the use of any solvent, therefore, eliminating any objectionable solvent odor, particularly inside buildings or around food processing and food storage areas. Also, PC-1702 Primer makes an excellent clear/amber floor finish. One (1) or two (2) coats provides a tough, hard, durable film which protects against dusting and surface deterioration.

PC-1702 Primer is available in a 15 gallon kit (2-5 gallons Base and 5 gallons Hardener) and a 3 gallon kit (2 gallons Base and 1 gallon container Hardener) and a 1.5 gallon kit (1 gal. Base and a half gallon of Hardener).

Poly-Chem PC-650 Heavy-duty Non-skid Coating

PC-650 is a two component heavy duty non-skid epoxy coating. PC-650 is designed as a heavy duty non-skid coating for industrial and marine applications. PC-650 helps to provide slip resistance in wet and slippery conditions. Ideal for both new and old concrete surfaces, interior and exterior surfaces. PC-650 is also designed for application on concrete and steel surfaces. This product meets USDA requirements.

PC-517 Poly-Chemcure Glass Filled Epoxy Mastic Coating

A two component, very high solids, high build, glass filled, Epoxy Mastic. PC-517 is based on a cycloaliphatic polyamine cured Epoxy. PC-517 Epoxy can be used as a One Coat-20 mil dry film Epoxy Ion horizontal surfaces. This unique coating has excellent chemical, abrasion, impact, and weather resistance with outstanding adhesion to marginally prepared surfaces as well as clean blasted surfaces.

Key Quartz B-65/125 Decorative Resin Flooring System

KEY QUARTZ B-65 & B-125 are decorative resin flooring systems consisting of clear, 100% solids, epoxy resin and colored quartz aggregate. The durable quartz system is finished with clear catalyst-cured coats of resin available in a satin or gloss finish. The installed system can be textured or smooth as desired. Easy maintenance minimizes bacterial growth. The decorative quartz aggregates are available in a series of pre-blended patterns or solid colors.

Crack-free installations of KEY QUARTZ B-125 can be achieved when installed in conjunction with a Key Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Membrane. An integral cove base can be installed in areas requiring seamless wall to floor coatings. For chemical resistant applications, specify KEY QUARTZ B-65-HP or B-125-HP

Key Conductive Floor Coating

KEY CONDUCTIVE is a two component, 100% solids epoxy floor coating that utilizes the latest in conductive floor technology. Able to be installed as a coating or as a component to KEY MORTAR SL and KEY MORTAR STD, KEY CONDUCTIVE provides a chemical resistant, conductive surface for use in electronic component plants, paint and solvent storage areas, ammunitions facilities, or hazardous materials storage areas.

Key Resin - Luster Metallic

KEY LUSTER METALLIC is a decorative thin-film system having a bright metallic finish. It is typically finished with a clear urethane or epoxy sealer for excellent wear and abrasion resistance. KEY LUSTER METALLIC is ideal for residential use, office complexes, commercial areas, lobbies, or light industrial applications.

Key Resin - Chip 100 Flooring

KEY CHIP-100 FLOORING is a 100% solids, decorative, seamless, low maintenance, floor coating system specially formulated to produce a dense, non-porous, decorative, chemical and dirt resistant floor ideal for light to medium traffic areas. KEY CHIP-100 FLOORING can be sealed to meet your chemical and abrasion resistance performance needs.

Key Resin - Lastic ME

KEY LASTIC ME is a fluid applied, resilient flooring system specially formulated for concrete floors in mechanical equipment rooms. The resiliency of KEY LASTIC ME provides sound-deadening qualities and cushioning under foot.

KEY LASTIC ME exhibits excellent adhesion and abrasion, impact, and chemical resistance. Its elastomeric properties will allow for horizontal movement of up to 1/8" without fracturing KEY LASTIC ME.

The surface characteristics of KEY LASTIC ME can be varied to accommodate the degree of skid resistance, the decorative appearance, and the chemical resistance.