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Item # PC-1000, PC-1000 Poly-Crete Amine Grout Resin


A 100% solids, two component modified amine epoxy resin. A low viscosity system recommended with selected aggregate blends for concrete repair in industrial and commercial applications. PC-1000 may be applied on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. PC-1000 has superior impact, abrasion and chemical resistance. PC-1000 Regular or Slow Cure is recommended for a 1/4" Epoxy trowel down mortar. PC-1000 Slow Cure is normally used for self-leveling slurries and broadcast systems.

ColorBrick Red
Volume Solids100 percentage
Mixing Ratio4:1 by volume
Pot LifeRegular Cure - 10 to 20 minutes at 70 ºF
Slow cure - 20 to 30 minutes at 70 ºF
Compressive Strength11000 psi to 12000 psi per ASTM-C109-49
Tensile Strength9000 psi per ASTM D638-60
Tensile Elongation3.8 per ASTM D638-60
ApplicationTrowel, squeegee
Application Temperature50 to 100 ºF
Dry Service Temperature170 ºF
Recoat Time4 to 24 hours at 75 ºF
Compressive Shear Strength580 psi per Fed. Spec. MMM-B350A
Flexural Strength3200 psi per ASTM D-790
Bond Strength350 psi concrete failed per ACI test 59-43
Shore D Hardness80 per ASTM D-2240
Water Absorption10% max. per ASTM D 670-63
FlammabilitySelf extinguishing per ASTM D-635-63
Packaging5 gal, 1 gal Kits, 1/3 cubic ft Mortar Kits
Coverage1 gal resin + 50 lbs aggregate will cover approx. 24 sq. ft. at 1/4"
Chemical Resistance
Acetic Acid - 10%
Ammonium Hydroxide - 20%
Citric Acid - 5%
Fresh & Salt Water
Hydrochloric Acid - 10%
Jet Fuel
Mineral & Vegetable Oil
Nitric Acid - 10%
Phosphoric Acid - 10%
Potassium Hydroxide - 20%
Sodium Hydroxide - 20%
Sulfuric Acid - 30%
Product Features
  1. Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
  2. Good chemical resistance
  3. USDA approved for use in food processing plants
  4. Trowels or screeds well
  5. Contains no volatiles
  6. 3-4 times stronger than concrete
  7. Low square foot cost
  8. Can be used for epoxy mortars, epoxy concrete, slurry systems and vertical applications
  9. May be used as a clear binder in decorative floor systems
  10. PC-1000 is available in both regular and slow cure formulas
Recommended as a resin for epoxy mortars or epoxy toppings for restoration of concrete floors, sumps, drainage ditches, loading docks, pump pads, tanks ramps, storage silos, and other concrete structures subjected to chemical attack; in paper mills, chemical plants, sewage and waste water treatment plants, petroleum refineries, electric generating stations, food processing plants, textile mills, etc.

PC-1000 is used in commercial and institutional areas such as laboratories, warehouses, plant aisle-ways, mechanical equipment rooms, airports, and bridge decks.

Surface Preparation
Gulf Coast Paint Mfg., Inc. recommends four types of surface preparation. Any one of the four surface preparations may be sufficient or a combination of the four may be required depending on the condition of the concrete surface.
  1. High Pressure Wet Abrasive Blast Cleaning
    All loose and unsound concrete must be mechanically removed down to sound concrete by means of power tool equipment, such as, chipping/scaling hammers, rotary scalers, etc.

    High pressure water blast with sand injection all surfaces to remove all laitance, contaminants, and other foreign deposits to provide a sound, clean surface. Use clean, dry air to blow down these areas to remove excessive moisture.