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Item # MARSEAL 8000, MARSEAL® 8000 Corrosion Resistant Lining

  • Marseal 8000 is a sheet lining based on a special blend of ethylene propylene membrane that is recommended as a secondary containment liner for chlorinated solvents and chlorinated acids. Marseal 8000 will provide required protection against EDC, TCE and MEK.
  • Marseal 8000 is a 65-mil system that is fully adhered to concrete with its rubberized adhesive backing. Rolls are 38 inches wide and 50 feet long, covering 158.3 square feet per roll.

Tensile Strength (ASTM-D412)12.6 Mpa
Elongation (ASTM-D412)600 percentage
Ozone Resistance (ASTM-D1149)No Cracks
Water Absorption (ASTM-D471)2.4 percentage
Weather Resistance (ASTM-D816)No Cracks
Factory Seam Strength (ASTM-D816 modified)Membrane Rupture
Thickness65 mil
Role Width38 in
Role Length50 ft
Area Covered per Role158.3 ft²